About me? I’m an IT student who started school a little later in live. I’m what they would call a “non-traditional student” looking to finish up my PhD…hopefully by 2016. Those are my short-term goals in a nutshell.

So far, I have obtained a handfull of certifications, an Associates in Applied Science (Network Technology), a Bachelors in Applied Science (Network Security), and a Masters in Science (Information Assurance). I have about twelve years of Unix/Linux troubleshooting and maintenance as well as network and information security consultation experience. As I tell anyone who asks – nothing is 100% secure. Anyone arrogant enough to think so isn’t deserving of being in the network and information security trade.

About this site? I know how challenging it is to be a working student and I have obtained scholarships as well as federal assistance in the past myself. The assistance that these scholarships have provided is immeasurable. I feel that putting a scholarship fund together for other IT students would be my way to “give back” so that others may have an easier time coping with the financial burdens of schooling.

About the scholarship? I have obtained scholarships and grants to help out throughout college and words simply can’t express how much I have appreciated the assistance. I would love to have the opportunity to assist others in the same manner that I have been helped. My plan is to set up an “ITStudent.org Scholarship Fund” to raise money and give a yearly scholarship(s) away to students that express a financial need. As more of this plan goes into effect, the scholarship will have its own area of this web site created and details will be posted. Please keep checking back for more information.