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Retards in Riceburners (aka The Fast and the Furious)

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

They need to create a new sticker for all the morons running around in “fast and furious” riceburners and it should read (as quoted from an IRC conversation):

The size of my penis is directly related to the volume of the music in my car, divided by the number of windows I have down..add half the size of my exhaust tip, and then divide by the number of emblems I have taken off my car, then multiply by the square root of the stickers I have chosen to cover the vehicle with. and you will find that, that number is in a ratio of 1:128 with the size of the stupid fucking ridiculously huge spoiler I have.

I know it’s a big message, but they can always put it on that big stupid spoiler (as mentioned above).


Saturday, March 12th, 2005

My GPA is fairly decent – after many, many credits I’m getting an overall GPA of 3.7 and have been on one of the following lists every semester: Dean’s list, the Vice President’s list, and the President’s list. I have been asked by the head of the Computer Science department to serve as a student on the schools advisory board and most teachers find out right away that I’m not quite like the other students – I actually give a damn about learning while most students are happy just getting a “C” to get credit for the class.

Sounds good so far right? Wrong. My degree will be the same as theirs – a degree. So basically these stupid morons who could give a crap less about learning are going to have just as good of a chance of getting a decent job as me. I respect very few of the students I go to school with…VERY few. When someone is about to get an Associates Degree and they can’t hold a decent conversation about networking, there’s a problem there. No, it’s not the school, but the problem could be dumped on potential employer’s – it’s the students.

Open letter to employers – hire ME. Not just because I know my stuff, but because I give a damn. That and you don’t want to hire someone who’s only going to school to work with computers because their retarded guidance counselor said “computers are going to be big and there will be a high demand for it in the future”. Smooth move…now I have to compete with these people in the job market that were too lazy to learn anything because it didn’t interest them to begin with. Let them move back in with their moms and dads…then give me the job you would’ve given to this person.