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The pseudo-intelligent buttmonkey

Friday, February 18th, 2005

I have at least one of these useless pieces of skin in each of my computer classes. You know the type…with such famous quotes as “I can hack this, I can hack that, I’m a hacker…blah blah blah”. Bullshit. 99% of the time, these stupid fucks watched the movie “Hackers” and think they can H4X0R D4T M4D G1BS0N L1K3 A L33T0 N33T0 M4D SK1LL H4V1N’ D00D. Then they turn around and ask me how to access the control panel in Windows. Yes, it happened to me…yes, I wish I was making that up. Again, 99% of the time if someone says they’re a “hacker”, they’re probably not. There are so many wannabes out there that it makes me sick. They don’t even really know what the word hacker means or it’s history which doesn’t help their case with me.

I am a hacker, but not in the sense of the word that the media has portrayed a hacker to be. I enjoy computing to the point where it’s almost an additiction. I love playing around with exploits, virii, worms, trojans, and overall security of a system (as long as it’s my own of course). It’s a passion for me. I am NOT, I repeat, NOT malicious. I don’t do DDoS attacks even though I’ve had the tools and machines to do so. Using “1337 5p34k” does not make you a h4x0r – it makes you stupid unless you’re just joking around. I will not help you “get back at the ex” because she fucked you over. I will not test the security of your server(s) unless of course you pay my fee of $125.00/hr and/or give me a full time permanent job. If I test the security of your server, it will be because I felt like it and you won’t know that I’ve done it unless I tell you that I found a flaw or warn you ahead of time (I’m NOT malicious, remember?).

And last, but not least, no I will not “teach you how to ‘hack'” (God I hate that phrase).

People need to look up the word “hacker” in a credible online dictionary and then get a clue.