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Assclown is at it again…

Wednesday, March 31st, 2004

Yet another adventure in the assclown war happened again today. The shithead creates drama out of fucking everything he comes across: “We need to meet on this opportunity before anything is done on it! This could be a huge opportunity for us. The opportunity is there to opportunity opportunity opportunity opportunity blah blah blah…”. I fell asleep right about then until he wanted me to rework something I had worked on for 12 hours on a fucking Saturday – you know, my day off. On top of this he likes to create more work for me by adding options that customers didn’t ask for. I mean what the hell? You took a job that would’ve taken me 10 minutes to do and turned it into something that will take 2 hours to do on top of research on the project. All this on a $125.00 job. By the time I was done just estimating the job we had lost all profits and were in the red.

It gets so sickening knowing he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, but yet he has people fooled into thinking he actually does know what he’s talking about. Then again, some people are stupid enough to think that we should feel sorry for the RIAA…never mind the fact that the RIAA screw the artists worse than you do when you download the music instead of buy it. I better not even get started on that.

Anyways, in order to understand the retardation involved with assclowns thought process, I fear I may have to stab myself in the forehead with an icepick a few dozen times so I become as brain-dead in the head as him. Everytime he enters a room and starts speaking, everyones IQ drops about 10 points…they usually become dumber for having listened to him.

Basically, I’m a watcher. I notice things that most other people don’t because I like to study people. Assclown doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about 99% of the time, but he knows how to change the subject or try and put you on defence if he feels you are putting him on the defence. As of yesterday I decided to just say “screw it”. I just don’t care any more, so basically I question the shit out of him every time he decides that he wants to mandate my job function. I call him on his bullshit in front of his boss and my boss. It pisses him off, but he can’t do shit because he can’t come up with ways to defend his actions – he can’t explain himself. You should see how red his face gets.

I’m still debating on whether or not to just walk out when I quit or give two weeks. The only reason I would bother giving two weeks is because my REAL boss is super cool. She is by far the most flexible yet bad-ass boss I have ever had in my life. That and the two people that perform the same job function I do are fuckin awesome too. If I walked out tommorrow, they’d all be screwed – especially assclown. Why you ask? Because nobody knows how to do my job. Seriously. It would be completely up to me to train others too. Think I will? Hell no…no time nor motivation…I can barely keep up because of assclown’s new rules that I have to follow.

If you’re a big corporation and you take advantage of a bad economy and start treating your employees like shit because you think they’re scared to leave – just know that the economy can and will come back. When it does come back you will have such a high turnaround that you won’t be able to train people fast enough to replace all the people leaving. While that’s happening just know that you caused it upon yourself, stupid.

“Assclown” gets a verbal bitch-slap

Tuesday, March 30th, 2004

The assclown who decided to try and tell me how to do my job (explained in the post “We’ll call him ‘assclown'”) got an oral beat-down yesterday by the vice president of our plant. He seemed to have a different attitude today seeing how people are catching on that he’s a fucking dildo with ears. I give this attitude adjustment about 24 hours to wear off.

People shouldn’t put walking dildos in charge – they’re only used by some people once in a great while. Otherwise they’re useless, they smell funny, and nobody wants to admit having one around.

Pinch me…I think I’m having a nightmare

Thursday, March 25th, 2004

Yesterday I found two fairly large security holes on the Redhat server at the college I attend. I immediately emailed the head of the Computer Science department so he could pass on the information to the administrator(s) of the Linux server so they could make some adjustments since I had no clue who ran the server. The next day I received this email.
I received an e-mail sent to Mr. X. XXXX concerning the security of the
Linux server. Yes, we know there is very little security on the system.
We chose to leave it quite open so students could experiment and try
different things out. If a student should decide to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXX and he/she would be approached and would be strongly encouraged
to not do it again – or would be removed from the system.

Thank you for your concern but the system administrator and I decided to
leave it as a ‘teaching’ system.
Ok, where do I even start? Screw it, I’m not even going to bother going over every reason why that’s retarded. Let’s just go with the top two shall we?

1st) Yes, we know there is very little security on the system. We chose to leave it quite open. 😮

Great…so you’re willingly leaving your system wide open. That’s smart. If there was any question before, this only further assures the reason why crackers go after educational servers first – IT’S BECAUSE THE ADMIN’S LEAVE THE SYSTEM WFO. Both of my discoveries could’ve been solved with just a single chmod or chown command to change permissions, but noooooooooo, we don’t want to lift a finger to make sure students don’t use something that wasn’t intended for normal users. If they haven’t fixed the problem in a month (even though they said they don’t plan to), I’m going to post the security hole for everyone to see eventually. After all, it doesn’t appear to concern them.

2nd) Yes, we know there is very little security on the system.
We chose to leave it quite open so students could experiment and try
different things out. If a student should decide to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXX and he/she would be approached and would be strongly encouraged
to not do it again – or would be removed from the system.

Now, what you’re saying here is that you’re NOT going to fix things that are simple to fix for the sake of allowing students to experiment and try different things out. Yet if they experiment with different thinking, you’re going to remove their account or in some way discipline them. Here’s an idea JUST FIX THE SERVER AND THEN YOU WON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT! When and if I post the flaws, you’ll realize just how ignorant the whole thing is.

Then again, what the hell do I know? I’m just an annoying student who doesn’t even have an Associates Degree. They’re the one’s with the Masters Degrees so they know how to run their Linux server, right? I mean who the hell am I to tell them they have unnecessarily flawed security? Yes, by the way, the email came from a full time instructor, which requires a Masters Degree. I only have one concern now – how are you going to find out who did what if the logs show that root did it? How about if there are no logs because they were deleted by root? The flaws I found could possibly allow a normal user to gain root access to the system.

If you don’t at least use simple basic security measures to secure your server from unauthorized access or use, maybe you should just unplug your server and throw it out the window.


Saturday, March 20th, 2004

Sick, disgusting, but funny…Check it out.

Drowning theif

Sunday, March 14th, 2004

This just in from the armpit of Michigan (Flint, Michigan) – a man armed with a knife held up a man who was fishing along the Flint River. The fisherman decided that he wasn’t going to give in to the robber and when he lunged at the fisherman with the knife, the fisherman used the robber’s momentum to throw him into the river. At the time of year, the river has a lot of undercurrent and is just flowing pretty fast to begin with. The useless piece of skin couldn’t swim, but was screaming for help from the man he held at knifepoint just a few seconds earlier.

And what did the fisherman do? Exactly what 99% of all people would do in that situation – NOTHING. He should’ve thought about whether he could swim or not BEFORE he decided to hold the fisherman at KNIFEPOINT next to the river. My hat goes off to that fisherman. Thank you, sir, for saving taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a year to house that piece of garbage in the prison system. Thank you, sir, for swift justice in the form of turning a def ear to that human scumbag. Thank you, sir, for sending a message to pieces of garbage like that you don’t steal from hard working people just looking to take a day off to relax while they are too lazy to get a damn job and would rather convert to scum than lift a finger to earn a paycheck. Thank you, sir, for telling it like it is in front of the news cameras – i.e. “Flint has gone downhill so much you can’t even fish along the damn river without someone trying to kill you”.

Message to thieves – don’t rob someone along a river if you can’t swim. Kind of like you don’t rob a gun store…which happened three months ago…in Flint.

Never let school interfere with learning

Thursday, March 11th, 2004

It’s nice being the “smart kid” in class sometimes. It means I don’t have to work hard because I know the content and in some cases I know more about the content than certain teachers. There is one drawback though – constantly getting interrupted when you’re trying to do your fucking work.

I swear to god that half the people just decided to not fucking pay attention in class on purpose so they can come to me so I can explain it to them once again. Now that I have finally taken a class that I’ve been wanting to take for years (C++) and found a decent challenge, I can’t fucking keep up because these shitheads are constantly interrupting me in the middle of what I’m doing. DO THEY NOT KNOW HOW TO RAISE THEIR HAND OR TALK TO THE TEACHER?! THE TEACHER IS RIGHT THERE, STUPID! ASK THEM!!

Now because I have played the “nice guy” and help people in class, I have to do a lot of my homework at home, the homework in this class has become overwhelming. I could keep up, but since I’m picking up 3 more classes in a week or so, I know it’ll end up damaging the learning process in the other classes. It pisses me off because the C++ class wasn’t just a class I needed credit in – I actually didn’t need it for credit – it’s just a programming language I have been wanting to learn for years now. I will probably be dropping it mid-term.

We’ll call him “assclown”

Wednesday, March 10th, 2004

My old boss, assclown, decided about a month ago that he is going to start “mentoring” me after I’ve already been doing my job for over a year. What this boils down to is assclown trying to justify his existance at the plant. He doesn’t really serve a purpose, he just purposely serves. Everybody seems to realize he’s a shithead including the higher-ups, but he continues to be employed there. Go figure.

Since asslcown started “watching over” what I do, he’s basically trying to take control of what I do (like the control freak he is). Every time he tells me I should be doing something differently and I change it (because I was told to do what he says), it ends up losing the company a lot of money because he didn’t research SHIT before he puked out his stupid ideas. He overanalyzes the shit out of everything I do at work. He tries to take back some of the control by trying to move into everyone else’s job at work therefore making it look like “the plant couldn’t function without him”.